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My vacation has been great because of Wind An Sea. The view here is spectacular. You’d want nothing more. I highly suggest, however, that you come during the time of the sunset because they really offer a fantastic view. You should seat at their patio area for maximum experience. Of course, order their lobster. This is something that you should not miss out on. Their buttered lobster tastes great. Even if I have already tasted so many types before from other restaurants, here it tastes different – better. In fact, during my two-week stay here, there are only two nights when I did not come here to eat or just drink. Plus, the staff is very welcoming which add to the charm of the place. This restaurant is one-of-a-kind. When I get the chance to go back, I will definitely come to this place again. Just a reminder, they usually get a full house on a regular basis so I highly suggest that you make a reservation beforehand.


I came to this place on a Friday. Then, they have a live music that is playing non-stop which gave us an amazing time. The music choices are tasteful and relaxing, you’d definitely love it here. Perhaps, what I like the best about this place is the crowd. They are just funny and great to be with. You’ll enjoy their company. During the short time that I have been in this place, I can say that I had a nice time. I definitely encourage everyone to come here.


There is something vibrant about this restaurant. The food is great, the entertainment is great, the drinks and the ambiance are great. If you want to have a nice time for your vacation, you should definitely come here. The place is waiting for you.