An Introduction to Garage Door Openers

If you have already chosen a style, type, and material of garage door that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget then the next important step is to choose an efficient garage door opener. What exactly, you should be looking for? Aside from obvious factors such as, cost, safety, security, and dependability, there are several points that should be taken into consideration while choosing the right garage door opener. Click here to learn more about garage door openers.

If you are looking for a powerful garage door opener with a string motor then an opener with ¾ horsepower will be the best option for you. This strong garage door opener can easily lift the heaviest garage door. You should carefully choose a model that is designed with heavy-duty industrial-strength chains to guarantees you years of functional life. Garage door openers make squeaky sounds when you operate them to open and close the garage door, but there are some models which specifically created to be quiet during garage door operations. If you have an attached garage that is situated under or near the bedroom, study room, or main living area, then you need to install a belt-driven garage door opener for quiet operations. These models are designed with flexible rubber belts which create mute vibration when the garage door opener is working. It eliminates the metal-to-metal contact like other screw-driven or chain-driven models.

Nowadays, there are also high-end garage door opener models that offer virtually maintenance-free life. They are normally created with self-lubricating features so that the chains of the opener always function smoothly and create as little noise as possible. There are also advanced and costly models that isolate the sounds created by the motor for powerful but quiet garage door operations. Most garage door models are easy to install and maintain if you are skilled with handy tools and comfortable with the maintenance of electric devices. But you should call a professional garage door technician if you feel that you need help.

Don’t be panic if your garage door suddenly does not function. The batteries of the garage door opener remote may just need to be replaced.

If the garage door remote has enough batteries then confirm that the garage door is engaged to the garage door opener completely and the electricity is running from the socket where the opener is plugged. If you find that all is well but the garage door opener is still not responding, call a professional garage door electrician to check the issue.