Avoid Garage Door Repair with Routine Maintenance

You know if you don’t maintain your car periodically, you may end up paying huge fixing bills to replace the engine or other parts.

Changing the oil and maintaining the other parts just cost $30 to $50 which is affordable. The same rule goes for your garage door. Since a garage door is huge moving equipment that runs on tracks; you could be in big trouble if it is not functioning smoothly. Ignoring routine garage door maintenance can lead to much more costly garage door repair projects later on. It is not just a matter of money. There are some garage door components that are under a great amount of pressure. The faulty garage door can damage your car, leaving your garage open to a burglary or serious injuries. It is better to consult a professional garage door contractor such as, Richmond, Virginia garage door repair service to reduce the chances of malfunctioning.

Follow the national safety council recommendation:

There are some tests that National Safety Council advised that you can attempt to make sure that your garage door is working correctly. If anything goes wrong, you should consult professional garage door experts to provide the required adjustments and repairs to your garage door.

Test garage door balance:

If you have a garage door opener, then disconnect it to operate the garage door manually. In this way, you can test the performance of the garage door. Simply lift the garage door up, if you don’t experience trouble while moving it and it stays open at its mark position, then it is in good working condition. If it does not then the garage door needs to be adjusted.

Garage door reversal test:

Only perform this test once you ensure that your garage door is properly aligned. With the garage door open, put a roll of tissues at the bottom of a garage door. Then press the button to close the garage door. It should stop and reverse once it touches the object. If it does not, garage door sensors need to be cleaned or adjusted.

Regular inspection of garage door:

It is recommended that you should inspect the garage door parts and hardware including rollers, springs, cables, pulleys, and tracks to find out the signs of rust or wear and tear. If you experienced any problem, make an appointment with the reputed garage door company to come out and examine the garage door to diagnose the problems. Don’t try to replace the springs or any other stressed part on your own.

You should also lubricate the moving components of the garage door except the idler bearing to avoid the chances of friction. It can also help the garage door to run smoothly. You can also keep the users’ manual in your hand for further directions. With the help of regular garage door inspection and maintenance services, you can make sure that your garage door will function smoothly and correctly. The cost of ignoring the maintenance work could be far more than you are willing to pay to get back the performance of your garage door.