Broken Garage Door Springs Are Dangerous

Depending on the material used in the construction, a typical garage door can weigh up to five hundred pounds. Do you know what makes it easy to run on tracks when you operate it by hand or using a handy device of remote is the “garage door springs”?


It is true that the more you learn about the specification, functions, and stress of the garage door springs, the more you will realize how important they are in the performance of the garage doors. These springs are constantly under a high amount of pressure in order to open and close the garage door properly, so it is vital to maintain and replace the springs on regular basis. They should be maintained at least before starting the fall or summer season. There are a lot of professional and certified garage door companies including Orlando garage door torsion spring replacement service which help you regarding your garage door concerns.

How many times during the day do you use the garage door? You could go a lifetime and don’t even think that garage doors can cause accidents. When you open the garage door, the springs that hold the garage door releases its tension to its most relaxed position. On the opposite side, when a garage door is closed, the springs are at their most tensed position. In the state, if they eventually break, the stored energy can cause serious injuries and damages due to the sudden release of energy. Sudden release normally happened when garage door springs break or are being functioned when the garage door is closed.

If it has been more than three years since you have had your garage door springs adjusted or replaced, then it is the right time to do so quickly. Weak or old springs can break anytime and send flying pieces of metal junks at the speed of a Sharpe knife that can hurt or kill someone around the garage door at that time. Garage door spring adjustment means making the torsion springs either tighter or loose from the current position. Properly adjusted springs will stay the garage door a few feet off of the floor and will not either fall or rise.

According to garage door experts, it is a very simple concept that garage door spring replacement is not an easy task to accomplish. The process is quite dangerous. If the adjustment is a little loose, the garage door can slam down and in the case of little light adjustment, the garage door will suddenly fly open. In both situations, it can be fatal.

Like other DIY projects that you have performed around your house unless you have done it a few times before it may be a good option to consult a professional garage door technician when it comes to adjusting and replacing the garage door springs. The reason is that a little mistake can prove fatal and put you in the bed of hospital. Famous garage door companies guarantee their products and services to provide you with excellent solutions.