The Steps of Garage Door Repair

A garage door repair job does not have to be difficult as it sounds. There are a few important and simple steps that can be taken before a professional garage door company has to be hired. Good garage door maintenance works actually start in the earlier phase of garage door life. Constructing a garage door with an efficient garage door can help you to reduce the number of frequent repairs later on. More helpful information about garage doors can be found here

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Standard garage door dimensions:

The standard size of a garage door is 24’x24’ (twenty-four by twenty-four feet). A much more spacious garage may be a 28’x28’ (twenty-eight by twenty-eight foot) area. Right garage door size is another important area to consider seriously. A standard size garage door is seven feet high and nine feet wide. The standard-sized garage door is good for all cars but when it concerns larger vehicles including suburban, trucks, vans, a bigger ten-foot-wide and eight feet tall garage door is recommended. While constructing a garage, it is suggested to use a standard-size garage door. Even just constructing a garage door a few inches wider or narrow will force you to order a customized garage door. It can be expensive for you. While constructing a roomy garage to accommodate larger vehicles, it is important to understand that the ceiling must be higher. The standard ceiling height of eight feet matches with the seven-foot garage door but an eight-foot-tall garage door needs nine to ten-foot overhead clearance inside the structure.

Garage door repair services:

The simple garage door repair work starts with inspecting and cleaning the tracks. They should be straightened, dent-free, and obstruction-free so that the garage door can travel up and down freely. If dents are blocking the path of the garage door, you can use a hammer to tap the tracks back straight once again. A garage door is a combination of moving hardware and operating parts so, the next step is to check the screws and nuts inside the mounting brackets. Make sure that they are not loosening at all. If they are then you may use a simple screwdriver to secure the hardware.

The third important part to check is the garage door rollers. Make sure that they are not gummed up with excess grease or oil. Accumulated dirt and other substances commonly found around the rollers will make the performance of the garage door harder. Finally, garage door cables and springs need to be checked especially if you have an electric garage door opener. Malfunctioning garage door opener can be fixed easily but the adjustment or replacement of springs cannot be handled because it is extremely complicated and dangerous work. It should be handled by professional garage door technicians.

Regular garage door maintenance can ensure longer and functional life of the garage door. sooner or later we all face the cost of garage door repair but at least if the simple garage door maintenance is conducted every few months, the garage door should have longer and functional life overall.