What is an Electric Garage Door Opener and How Does it Function

Every homeowner that has a car must have his garage with a properly functioning garage door. Not just for the convenience, comfort, and added benefits it offers but also for the security a garage door offers. The best way to maximize the usefulness and security of the garage, you will have to install an automatic garage door with an appropriate electric garage door opener with the help of professional garage door opener installers in Dallas at a very affordable cost.

One of the best options among garage door openers is the electric garage door opener. This is because it offers the ultimate convenience of opening and closing the garage door without having to go out and in your car. The electric garage door opener was invented by C.G. Johnson of Hartford City, Indiana in 1926. Since these devices have gone through a great evolution and advancement in terms of designs, material, and functionality.

Garage door openers operate with the help mechanism of rollers, tracks, and springs. Garage door openers are motorized equipment controlled by electricity attached to the garage door which generates strength that lifts and lowers the garage door smoothly and effortlessly. Some people believe that automatic garage door does not use electricity to provide lifting and lowering power. The electricity comes into consideration when a garage door is working.

The automatic garage door with an electric garage door opener allows you to control your garage door how far through wireless remote control. The motor which is used to open and close the garage door can instruct the machine to work by limiting the power once it receives signals from wall mounted keypad or remote control. These are convenient features as it allows you to easily operate your garage door while sitting in your car.

The most important support of the garage door opener is the springs installed on the garage door. These springs are placed at the top or on either side of the garage door to support it in the opening and closing process. These springs are subject to a great amount of tension to provide extensive lifting power to the opener. Your garage door may have extension or torsion springs to aid the operations of the garage door. the extension springs function on the principles of expansion and contraction to rise and lower the garage door while torsion springs that are placed in the overhead space can seem tightly wound up coils. This is why the torsion springs hold great tension and can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly. Garage door torsion springs are used on heavier garage doors because extension springs do not have enough strength to lift the weight of heavier garage doors.

Other than garage door springs, the recent models of electric garage door openers consist of a power unit and a motor. These parts are connected to the metal tracks where a trolley slides back and allows the garage door to go up and down. The trolley runs along the tracks supported by a drive mechanism of a belt, chain, or a screw depending on which motor your garage door opener has. These garage door openers are normally placed above the garage door and connected to the power unit near the back of the garage door that can easily be controlled through wall-mounted switches or remote control.